FAQs - frequently asked questions

It remains for an undetermined time, until it is excluded by the administration or is removed by the author
Currently the maximum file size is 256 MB.
The links are free for anyone who obtains the correct path of the hosted files, if you don't want to share with anyone else just keep the file's address with you only.
Currently only files with extensions can be hosted: 'c3p, capx, zip, rar'.
We would like your help very much, if you are having problems in our language and would like to have your language here on the website, you just need to inform us by e-mail: elielbony61@gmail.com
then we will send you a list of information to be translated into your language.
After an analysis of the added language we will add it to the site and ready your language will appear here on the site and you will have no more problems and help many other users with your language.